We provide assistance to the organisers
on how to secure their event efficiently

CISPE Organisation

Cispé is all about the rigor of the method, the quality of our process and the expertise of its safety teams. Thanks to this organisation, the communication with the public authorities is eased, the costs are optimised and the management of the risk is improved.

Your CISPE experts



After 10 years spent at the heart of sports and commercial events, Florian has developed the CISPÉ method to assist the organisers on how to secure their event efficiently


Ingénieur Sécurité

With a 6-year-experience in major international events, Christian brings his expertise on security issues.


In the process of integration,
Safety Engineer

An engineer specializing in international event planning will join the CISPÉ team in August 2019.


In the process of integration,
Safety Engineer

An medical and emergency expert engineer will join the CISPÉ team in September 2019.


Aurore, Assistant Engineer

Aurore assists safety engineers with the graphic design and rigorous follow-up of the CISPÉ method.


Julia, Assistant Engineer

Julia develops educational engineering with safety engineers for a better communication of CISPÉ supports.

A double incubation

CISPÉ benefits from an incubation within the innovation platform for the actors of the event: French Event Booster.

Thanks to this support, CISPÉ benefits from an exceptional field of experimentation to test and refine its concepts through different axes of work :

  • Ease the process of co-innovation between CISPÉ and the partners of the French Event Booster Program
  • Accelerate the deployment of new features, services, or technologies developed by CISPÉ in the event sector

Incubated in Laval Mayenne Technopole nursery of innovative companies, CISPÉ benefits from individual as well as collective follow-up and customised support  useful for the development of its innovations through :

  • Easier access to local and regional investor networks
  • A relationship with commercial, technical and legal experts …
  • Collective workshops related to various issues (fundraising, intellectual property, communication, marketing)


Make CISPÉ your unique interlocutor to manage the four most important aspects of the security of an event

Fire and panic
Medical and rescue
Health and Safety