Research and innovation


The goal of CISPÉ

The Cipsé Engineering Centre has created a research group to support its activities by providing expertise and support to the organisers on event security practices.

The objectives :

  • capitalize on the Cispé experiences on all types of events
  • cross field knowledge by organizers and providers to identify needs, analyze gaps and reinforce good practices.

This reflection work aims to enrich a global knowledge of the activity of securing events. The approach is that of a research/action and brings together professional circles and the academic sector.

Lines of research 2020

A) Technological developments and prospects for the security of events

On security practices, both in the “information” aspects (facial recognition, processing of personal and public data) and “logistics” (fluid access,video protection & image analysis, site configuration, evacuation flow).



B) The relations of the organizers / site managers with the public authorities

Their past and future evolutions. The question of methods for risk identification and compliance and the adequacy of systems, and finally the identification of “good practices”.


C) The search for a standardisation of practices

Creation of standardised devices on security aspects. This axis is intended for recurring events but also for sites hosting repetitive events. This approach is widely used in ERP texts on “fire” and “life-saving” aspects.

In an environment that is evolving very rapidly, A monitoring of the uses of the fiels and their tendencies through analyses with the organisers, the providers and the public decision-makers is set up. It will result in regular thematic interviews with stakeholders in the sector.